Top 10 Android Messaging Apps & IOS Messaging Apps

Top 10 Android Messaging Apps & IOS Messaging Apps, In the current generation, Texting/Messaging apps are very popular today & it became the standard manner of communication to the total world.

However, today folks typically like a telephone call instead of texting. Below are the best texting apps which can be used on daily basis.Texting app provides various facilities to speak with people like sharing the files, phone calls, video calls, Conference business calls etc


WhatsAppLineGoogle Allo
Facebook MessengerViberTextra SMS
Mood MessengerHangoutsWeChat
Android MessagesChomp SMSPinger Textfree
SnapchatNimbuzz MessengerWay2sms
TextPlusSignalPulse SMS
FringHandcent Next SMSSignal Private Messenger


However, texting applications have several benefits and thought of because it has its own importance as a whole. thus it’s an honest plan to possess an outline of all Best Texting Apps. So it’s better to have an idea of all the latest best free texting apps i& Android & IOS mobiles.

In current generation technology People are very dependent on technology, thus texting apps have its own place to produce ease for them, people to speak/text with friends, family, and coworkers, etc. Texting app provides various facilities to speak with people like sharing the files, phone calls, video calls, Conference business calls etc.

Here in this article, you will get to know the Latest Best Android & IOS Messaging Apps for 2018-2019.

Top10 Android Messaging Apps & IOS Messaging Apps

Best Android Messaging & IOS Messaging Apps

2Facebook Messenger
3Mood Messenger
4Android Messages
8Chomp SMS
9Google Allo
10Textra SMS
12Pinger Textfree
15 Talkatone
17Nimbuzz Messenger
20Handcent Next SMS
21Pulse SMS
23Signal Private Messenger

WhatsApp :

In today’s world WhatsApp is the most commonly used app for messaging & for taking Audio & video calls.WhatsApp was downloaded & used by more than 1 Billion people around the world. Mostly used for sharing Pictures, Chatting, Audio & Video calls.

Facebook Messenger : 

This has its own unique features & used mainly for texting with lots of Stickers, Gif’s  & making Audio & Video calls with your family, Friends & Colleagues & this is the best-trusted app around the world.

Line : 

This is also one of the best texting apps which were used by 70 million users around the world. It has lots of stickers & users can do Audio & video calls also.At a time 200 people can do a group chat through Line. It also has many feature-rich options like sharing albums, follow people, brands similar to Twitter.

Mood Messenger : 

This is also mostly used by many users around the world. It has similar features like whats app texting, sharing location, sending pictures etc. The best feature in Mood Messenger is you can have a private conversation & that conversation will be hidden from all the conversation list.

Hangouts : 

This is one more invention from Google, Best useful texting app along with other rich features like Audio/Video calls, pics sharing, Group call etc.
For using this app user should have a google account. One more additional rich feature in this app is it can be used as a webinar software also.

Google Allo :

This is a new invention by Google, similar to other texting apps. The main rich feature is You can have Google Assistance for this app.No other apps will be having this special feature.

We Chat :

This app is mostly used in China & it has around 800 million users across the globe. Rich Feature in this app is People Nearby & Friend Radar. This also has a shake function which will allow you to search your friend nearby.
This app has a face recognition i.e face unlock for the app when you want to chat.

Pinger Text Free :

This is a free texting app, Here you will be getting a free phone no for texting to your family & friends. You don’t require this app for receiving text messages. Read all remains same as other texting apps.

SnapChat :

This app has one rich feature is you can send videos & photos which can be self-destructed after a particular time. You can add funny songs/tunes to your video clips. Edit your images etc. Definitely the best app.

Text Plus :

Textplus is very useful for US & Canada users. It can send SMS & MMs to US & Canada people without people have this app installed. There is signup NO fees also for this app.

Talktone :

Textone is the best calling & texting app working with Google Voice No. You can call & text people across the globe using your WIFI connection without installing the Talktone app.

Fring :

Fring is best used for multiple group Audio & video chat. This is the best cheapest app for calling people across the globe. It also supports Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN Etc.

Nimbuzz Messenger :

Nimbuzz supports many other popular messengers like facebook, Gtalk, MSN & Yahoo. This is the best free worldwide calling & texting app when compared to others. Nimbuzz is available on many platforms like Windows Pc, Java, IOs, blackberry, Android etc.

Signal :

The signal app is most secured & encrypted app among all the other apps. All your calls & messages will be totally encrypted. Fully secured application for all your calls & messages.

Conclusion: Hope this article helps you in finding the relevant best suitable app for your daily use.


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