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Google Will Remember things for You, Memory is the diary that most of us carry around with us. The majority of people remember things by simply keeping them into our brain.

However a few want the assistance of Sticky Notes on their elderly day’s now could be digital sticky notes like Trello & Evernote to keep in mind events, programs, meetings and to even consider memories of birthdays of their loved friends & family through facebook events does this.

How does one remember essential & important things you believe that may possibly forget?

There are lots of digital notetaking programs available online. Out of which these are somewhat special Evernote vs Trello .which also can allow you to forget any such thing easily & Google will remind you.

Yes, you now can currently make Google Home remember things you generally forget. With the new”remember”,

Google Home will assist you to remember important things, such as where you set your passport or exactly what your wifi password is.

The new”remember” command enables you to create verbal notes about special things you’re very likely to forget & Goole will remember them for you securely.

There’s another interesting option from Google you might wish to research for recalling matters. If you never own.

Google Will Remember this for You

yes, it’s still possible to utilize Google helper within the Google Allo program that’s readily available for both i-phone and Android. mobile devices.

To begin, state”okay Google” to establish Google Assistant in your own phone and then state”Remember. .” Followed by the information you’d really like Google to remember. For Example, you can say google:

Google Will Remember this for You : 

  • Remember my favorite car brand is Honda
  • Remember my favorite color is white
  • Remember that my bike no is 0000
  • Remember I parked the car on the 5th floor
  • Remember that my hotel room code is 9999

You’re able to establish the Google Assistant anytime after and get Google for information which has been once stored.

Google Will Remember this for You : 

You might state something similar to”What can I say about my favorite shade?” If Google is not able to comprehend the question, you can say”What can I ask you to keep in mind” also it’s going to show a set of 5 latest matters you’ve asked Google to keep in mind.

The way to Clear Google’s Performance?
In case the list has increased big, you may even use your voice to educate Google to forget matters it recalls. You might state”hello what I said in my favorite color” or state”What did I ask you to keep in mind” and tap on the”Ignore #” choice to divert any one of the recorded items from Google’s memory card.

Here are some Top 50 Google voice commands : 

Daily use general commands :

  • Search for potato recipes
  • Who is married to Trump
  • Say how are you in [French]
  • The stock price of Microsoft
  • What is Schrodinger’s fox
  •  Author of GTA game
  •  Who invented the internet
  •  How old is Michael kom
  •  What is the meaning of life
  •  Post to Google+ feeling good

General notes & reminders

  • Remind me to buy curd at 6 PM
  • Remind me when I get / next time I’m at home/work/ other location to send an email to Tom
  • Wake me up in 3 hours
  • Note to self: I parked my car on the 2nd floor
  • Set alarm for 6 PM

Communication Commands

  • Call Robert
  • Call mom / dad / wife/ other family member
  • Send an email to Robert (Subject: Going out), [Message: Will be there in 5o mins]
  • Send SMS to Robert mobile, don’t forget to buy wine”

Maps & Navigation

  • Map of location XXX, Show me the nearby restaurant on the map
  • Navigate to XXX on the car
  • How far is Munich from Berlin
  • Directions to [business name / address / other destination]

Sports Commands

  • How are [the New York Racers] doing
  • When is the next (Cricket Final League) game
  • Show me the [Premier League] table
  • Did (Royal Challengers) win their last game

Time & Date

  • What time is it in UK
  • When is the sunset in Frankfurt
  • What is the time zone of Munich
  • Time at home
  • Create a calendar event: Dinner in Florida, Saturday at 6 PM

Web Browsing

  • Go to Facebook
  • Open
  • Show me
  • Browse to

Driving/Nest Integration

  • Search for “Document name” while driving
  • Set the temperature to 22 degrees

Some More Commands with App : 

  • Turn on/off flashlight’s
  • Lock my phone
  • Wifi / Bluetooth / GPS / Wireless Hotspot on/off

Conversions & Calculations

  • what is the tip for 250 dollars?
  • How much are [12] times [42]
  • What is [25) percent of DSO
  • Square root of [41]….. equals
  • Convert [currency / length …] to [currency / length]

Easter Eggs Commands

  • Do a barrel roll
  • When am I
  • What’s the odd number
  • Make me an Omelet
  • Sudo make me a bread
  • Who are you
  • What is the odd number of [random actor]
  • Tea, Earl Grey, hot” That’s a tricky one
  • Beam me up, Scotty
  • Okay Jarvis, …Instead of “Okay Google, …
  • Up down / left / right /  left right
  • Go go gadget app “XXX”
  • Tilt or “Askew”
  • What is your favorite no
  • What does the fox say
  • When does the narwhal bacon

Entertainment Commands

  • Listen to TV
  • When was [XXX] released
  • YouTube [fail compilation]
  • Runtime of [Terminator)
  • Who acted in [Terminator]
  • What is  this song
  • Listen / play [music] by [The XX]
  • Who is the producer of [Terminator]

Weather Commands

  • Weather -is it going to rain [tomorrow / Monday]
  • What’s the weather in [Boston]
  • How’s the weather in [Portland] on [Wednesday] going to be

Flight Information

  • Flight [AA 1188]
  • Flight status of [AA 1188)
  • Has flight [AA 210) landed
  • When will (AA 140] land / depart


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